EV101: Mathematical Modelling of an EV

The objective of this course is to introduce the students to world of Electric vehicles and its design
## Industry Partner Micelio Mobility Pvt. Ltd. ## About Electric Vehicles 101 - Mathematical Modelling of an Electric Vehicle (EV 101) is the first of the set of 3 courses designed to skill students in the area of Electric Vehicles. - Electric Vehicles 101 - Mathematical Modelling of an Electric Vehicle (EV 101) - Electric Vehicles 201 - Design and Build your own EV Powertrain (EV 201) - Advanced Course on Electric Vehicles (EV 301) ## Course objective This course is set up to introduce students to Electric vehicles and give them a brief idea about why electric vehicles are important. This course gives some basic technical foundations regarding Electric vehicles In-order help them move on to much advanced Electric vehicle courses in the future. ## Prerequisites - Knowledge in Basic electronics (11th and 12th-grade electronics concepts) - Knowledge in Basic physics ## Course outcomes After completion of the course, students will: - Get introduced to Electric vehicles, understand how are EVs different from ICE vehicles and identify various parts of an electric vehicle - Learn the fundamentals of Lithium-ion cells - Analyse EVs based on power sources and calculate range of an EV - Perform motor power and torque calculations to select a motor to build their own EV - Learn the basics of converting any petrol 2 wheeler into electric
3 weeks
Knowledge of Basic Electronics and Physics covered in 11-12th grade.