VR 201

A beginner course on VR. It focuses on introducing the students to learn about Virtual Reality and skills required to become a Unity VR developer.


As part of the Facebook School of Innovation when we built the VR program, we recognized that the students were keen to learn emerging tech provided they had guidance, especially guidance from the Industry is so relevant. When we shared the learning outcome with Mr. Sridharan (CEO, Sastra-TBI), he immediately saw the potential of offering this course to the students at Sastra University.

What started as a conversation in Oct 2018, was soon harvested and deployed as an open elective to students in the 6th semester as of December 2018.

The course is offered for 3 credits, with 2 staff members (1 faculty, 1 project engineer) from Sastra University as university coordinators and one industry faculty.

We see this course as an entry for students to begin learning for VR, we aspire to spread the learning over a period of 3 semesters eventually; beginner, intermediate and advanced level of learning with outcome mapped against each.

Course Structure

Name: VR 201 as an open elective
Credits: 3

Phase 1 - Awareness and Selection

Awareness workshop and Experience zone were conducted for the students and the students were selected based on University policies. A total of 39 students have registered for this program from Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, Computer Science and Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, and Biotechnology departments.

Phase 2 - Course Execution

  • 8 levels, each with 3 modules, with set targets to be completed
  • Hands-on session on project design, development, documentation, debugging and performance measurement
  • Mentors/experts available for clarifications
  • During the course of the program, students will develop a VR application using the concepts learned in the course