LITE FDP | NEP 2020 Enabler

This course is for those appointed as LITE faculty members.
## About LITE FDP | NEP 2020 Enabler is the second step in the set of 4 steps in the LITE faculty progression pathway: - Step 1 - Become a LITE faculty member - Step 2 - Become a LITE NEP 2020 enabler - Step 3 - Become a LITE NEP 2020 evaluator - Step 4 - Become a LITE NEP 2020 researcher ## Course objective The objective of this course is to give faculty members an understanding of the vision of NEP 2020 learner centered classrooms, what it takes to build and implement the courses using pedagogy at every stage, what tools and practices can faculty members use or follow to enable a NEP 2020 learner centered classroom to achieve 21st century graduation attributes in students and how to go from LITE enabler to LITE evaluator and LITE researcher. ## Prerequisites Completing the LITE integration steps for their institute and becoming a LITE faculty member. ## Course outcomes By the end of the course, the faculty members are expected to be able to: - Envision/Visualize NEP 2020 learner-centered classroom and its significance in creating successful 21st century graduation attributes - Understand how our learner-centered courses built, delivered and evaluated while using pedagogy at every stage - Use tools to monitor and track the progress of their students, create a peer learning system by identifying and connecting the fast learners and slow learners in the classroom - Bring about healthy learning practices in their students - Be aware of the next steps on how to become a LITE evaluator and LITE Researcher