NEP 101

This course is for administrators and faculty members to gain an understanding of NEP 2020 frameworks to bring about NEP 2020 classrooms.
## Course outcomes By the end of the course, administrators and faculty members are expected to be able to gain an understanding of: 1. The eight steps starting with education to transform the classroom as building blocks of India. 2. The big structural changes in NEP 2020. 3. Digital transformation of classrooms as temples of knowledge. 4. Five knowledge frameworks for implementing NEP 2020 simplified. a) 21st Century Graduate Attributes Framework. b) Learner-centred Pedagogic Framework. c) Competency-based Curriculum Framework d) Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment Framework. National Credit Framework. e) How it all comes together in AICTE LITE. f) How to implement NEP 2020 Model Classroom using AICTE model curriculums.