Web Development 201 (Node.js)

Server-side programming with Node.js
## About Web Development 201 - Server-side programming with Node.js is the second course in the set of 4 Industry-led courses built by Pupilfirst to skill students in the area of web development: - Web Development 101 - Getting Started with JavaScript - Web Development 201 - Server-side programming with Node.js - Web Development 301 - Front-end development with React and TypeScript - Web Development 401 - Getting ready for production ## Course objective The objective of this course is to teach students how to build web applications using the Express.js framework, with focus on industry-practices like functional programming, object-oriented design, programming style guides, security, and version control. ## Prerequisites Essential programming foundation (any language). Students should also have completed Web Development 101, before beginning this course. ## Course outcomes By the end of the course, the students will be able to: - Build web applications using Express.js - Manipulate data using both imperative and functional programming techniques. - Model real-world systems using object-oriented design - Write HTML & CSS to create elegant web pages - Build database applications using Sequelize. The students would have built fundamental first-principles based knowledge about web development and the practical chops to use them to build real-world software. They would also have learnt what it is to work in a professional software environment, helping build a strong foundation for their transition to the industry as competent professionals.