Web Development 101

This course is meant for beginners in programming & web development and those who are looking to build a robust foundation in computational thinking.
## About Web Development 101 - Getting Started with JavaScript is the first of the set of 3 Industry-led courses built by Pupilfirst to skill students in the area of web development. Web Development 101 - Getting Started with JavaScript Web Development 201 - Server-side programming with Node.js Web Development 301 - Front-end development with React & TypeScript ## Prerequisites Students should have access to a computer with a modern OS (Windows 10 or above, Ubuntu 20.04 and above, macOS 10.15 and above). ## Course outcomes By completing WD101 course, you will learn how to: - Set up your development environment. - Transform data with JavaScript. - Use computational abstractions. - Work with the HTML Forms. - Work on native HTML Form Validations. - Understand Web Storage for saving and retrieving data
2-3 weeks