Web Development 101

This course is meant for beginners in programming & web development and those who are looking to build a robust foundation in computational thinking.

Industry Partner

Freshworks Inc.

WD 101 is an Industry-led course built by Freshworks and Pupilfirst.


Web Development 101 - Getting Started with Javascript is the first of the set of 3 Industry-led courses built by Freshworks and Pupilfirst to skill students in the area of web development.

Web Development 101 - Getting Started with Javascript Web Development 201 - Server-side programming with Ruby on Rails Web Development 301 - Typed Functional programming


  • Students should have access to a computer
  • Students should have computer literacy. It includes skills like the ability to browse the internet and find information, ability to use software applications like word processors and spreadsheets, and be comfortable with user-level operating system concepts like CPU, memory, disks, and files and folders.

By completing WD 101 course, you will gain a foundation in programming and computational thinking, and be introduced to the field of web development. Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your development environment.
  • Transform data with JavaScript.
  • Use computational abstractions.
  • Work with the HTML Canvas.
  • Create a computational model for a game.
  • Use side-effects to render game state as graphical output in Canvas.
3 weeks
Access to a computer and basic computer literacy.